2019 and a little bit of 2018

2019 and a little bit of 2018

2019 didn't contain a huge amount of photography for me, so lets start with a smidge of 2018, with a quick trip to the Isle of Wight.

Isle of Wight

Elephants at the Robin Hill festival of lights

This was mostly a holiday, but that didn't mean I couldn't get a quick bit of photographing in. First there was a festival of lights at Robin Hill. It was a fun little jaunt and the mix of super colourful lights in the dark was a lot of fun to look round.

Later in the week we headed down to The Needles, a well known attraction where you can take in the colourful sands at Alum Bay, or view a set of sea stacks from a former rocket testing site. As you do.

The Needles at Sunset

You can either hop the fence and step out onto a bit of headland to get a more direct view of the cliffs, or if you are less adventurous like me, you simply squeeze into a little corner and poke your camera over the fence and you get this view. I personally really like this view, as you get a great view of the intricate patterns in the wave below and a close up look at the rocks cliffs.


My only foray into photography in 2019 was again part of a holiday with my partner. I can't quite put my finger on why I was quite so uninspired that year. I'm writing this in retrospective and can only assume I just wasn't getting out there, I can't find anything in my Lightroom catalog! Little did I know that the next year would bring an enforced halt to any photographing!

Anyway, on to Lynmouth, a great little seaside village on the north coast of Devon. Lynmouth sits in a gorge at the meeting of the East and West Lyn Rivers.

Lynmouth at the meeting of the East and West Lyn Rivers

Lynmouth is also famous for the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway, a water-powered funicular railway that goes up the cliff to the village of Lynton. There is a also a zig-zag footpath you can use, with bridges over which you can watch (or photograph) the passing cars.

A railway car going down the Lynton and Lynmouth Railway

If you head up the West Lyn river, you will enter the tourist attraction of Glen Lyn Gorge, where you can see the river flowing down the gorge and have a play with the water cannons.

Water cannons at Glen Lyn Gorge

I couldn't resist.

And that about wraps up 2019. On to 2020! Did anything big happen?